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Vital test of PM Modi on second visit to Srilanka in two years

By Admin | 11th May 2017

PM Narendra Modi will be in Sri Lanka on Thursday for a 2 day visit. This will be his second visit to Srilanka since his prime minister ship. The visit is expecting centrality as India tries to additionally extend ties with the neighboring island country where China has been attempting to grow its impact, PTI report says. PM Modi is going essentially to attend the biggest Buddhist celebration of Srilanka 'Vesak Day' as its chief guest. He is also reaching out to second largest city of Srilanka Kandy, for community interaction with group of Tamils.  He will also contribute a hospital to people of Srilanka, build with Indian assistance of 150 corers.

During first 2015, India and Sri Lanka cleared four bilateral   settlements — concession to visa, traditions, youth development and building Rabindranath Tagore dedication — in the middle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first visit to the island nation. Srilankan main stream media reported it as the four agreements signed in Sri Lanka were minor ones, and as of now all these four concerned areas are in pipeline since long. This helped the Sirisena government turn aside claims of being excessively India-driven.

President of Srilanka Maithripala Sirisena stopped all Chinese-subsidized foundation ventures when he came in power during 2015, expelling the island's strongman pioneer Mahinda Rajapakse, who had forcefully wanted Beijing. Presently these ventures, which included new national highways, railroad lines and a broadcast communications tower, are back on track. A $1.4 billion Chinese-financed land reclamation project outside Colombo harbor has likewise been relaunched.

During Modi’s last visit in march 2015 to Srilanka he assured to script golden chapter of Indo Srilanka relationship. Only two years after the fact, experts say Beijing's impact is on the climb high again as Colombo battles to discover possible wellsprings of foreign capital. For India, which needs to keep Sri Lanka inside its convincing reach, this early visit is a stressing sign.

In past many years Chinas involvement in Srilanka is well known to world. As a component of Maritime Silk Route (MSR) strategy, China assembled two ports, one in Colombo and another in Hambantota. China has additionally worked together in satellite propelling exercises with Supreme SAT (Pvt.), Sri Lanka's solitary satellite administrator.

To counter China’s interest in Srilanka, In 2014 India kept away from voting on an UNHRC resolution requiring a test into affirmed atrocities by Sri Lanka during wartime. India abstained from voting while Pakistan and China voted against the resolution. India also signed nuclear cooperation agreement becoming Srilanka’s only partner in nuclear arena. India is also planning to invest in northern and eastern Srilanka to raise economic ties and helping Srilanka to build Trincomelee Port  to counterweight Chinas building of Hambantota Port. 

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