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Mauritius Prime Minister Jugnauth 3 Days India Visit

By Admin | 27th May 2017

Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth was accorded the formal welcome at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. Jugnauth reached India on Friday for a three-day visit and will meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi later today; he went to Rajghat and paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

Portraying Mauritius as "a home far from home" for Indians, Jugnauth said the association with India is probably going to be solidified through the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA), which is coming to fruition.

India is Mauritius biggest trade exchanging partner and has been biggest exporters of goods and ventures of Mauritius since 2007. In FY 2014-2015 India exported goods worth US$1.9 billion to Mauritius and imported goods worth US$21.19 million from Mauritius.

Combined FDI inflows from Mauritius to India in the middle of the of (April 2000 - March 2015) added up to USD 87.55 billion (35% of total FDI inflows over this period) to a great extent because of Double Taxation Avoidance Convention.

Mauritius is the single biggest wellspring of FDI into India amid the money related year 2014-15 with FDI value inflow adding up to USD 9.03 billion - 29% of aggregate inflow in 2014-15.

Other than oil based goods primary thing of India export to Mauritius are pharmaceuticals, grains, and cotton electrical hardware, textile and garments accessories. Principle things of Mauritius export to India are iron and steel, pearls, valuable/semi valuable stones and optical photography and precision instrument.

Mauritian Government had introduced a visa-free regime for Indian tourists in October 2004, wherein Indian tourists visiting Mauritius for a period up to 60 days do not require a visa, provided they can show sufficient funds to cover their stay.

A short stopover by Mahatma Ghandhi on the way to India from South Africa (October 29 to November 15, 1901), while anticipating departure of his ship SS Nowshera, is as yet carved in the cognizance of Mauritius. Giving tribute to Ghandiji and Indian Freedom Struggle National Day (12 march) of Mauritius  is celebrated on the historic date of launch of Dandi salt march.

Mauritius kept up contacts with India through progressive Dutch, French and British occupation. The French state of Pondicherry assumed a vital part in the advancement of Mauritius amid the French occupation by giving skilled workforce to different tasks in Mauritius.

From the 1820s, Indian specialists began coming into Mauritius to take a labor at sugar estates. From 1834 when slavery was nullified by the British Parliament, substantial quantities of Indian laborers started to be brought into Mauritius as contracted workers. The ship 'Atlas', which conveyed the primary group of Indian contracted workers, reached Mauritius on November 2, 1834. This day is currently seen in Mauritius as 'Aapravasi Day', a national occasion.

Over the next decades, the quantity of Indian immigrants developed to a level where they came to constitute a dominant part of the populace. Taking all things together, about a large portion of a million Indian contract workers are assessed to have been brought into Mauritius in the vicinity of 1834 and the early many years of the twentieth century, out of whom around 66% settled for all time in Mauritius.

After Mauritius freedom on March 12, 1968 the first prime minister and the father of Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam concurred centrality to India in Mauritius foreign policy. Consequently progressive Mauritian leaders guaranteed that India involves a place of hugeness and critical in foreign policy orientation and activities of Mauritius. Strategic and diplomatic relations among India and Mauritius were set up in 1948.

India and Mauritius have signed a wide range of bilateral agreements and MoUs. Some of them are the

Double taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC-1982)

Bilateral investment Promotion and protection Agreement (BIPA 1998)

MoU on Air Service (2005)

Agreement on cooperation in information and technology (2000)

MoU on cooperation in Biotechnology (2002)

Extradition Treaty (2003),

MoU on cooperation against Terrorism (2005),

MoU on cooperation in the field of Environment (2005)

Mutual Legal Assistant Treaty in criminal matters (2005)

Agreement on the Transfer of sentenced Person (2005)

MoU for Cooperation in the field of Hydro graphics (2005)

MoU for cooperation on consumer protection and legal Metrology (2005),

MoU concerning cooperation in the Exchange of Finance Intelligence related to money Laundering & Finance of terrorism (2008)

Protocol on the sale of navigational charts

Agreement on cooperation for the establishment of telemetry, tracking and tele command station for satellite and launch vehicle for cooperation in the field of space research science and application (2008)

Supply contract for the Coastal radar surveillance system (2009)

Agreement of early warning of coastal Hazards (2010)

MoU on science and technology cooperation (2012)

MoU on sports and youth affairs (2012)

Educational exchange program (2012)

MoU on Textiles (2012)

MoU between RGSC trust fund and NCSM for setting up a hybrid planetarium (2012)

 MoU on cooperation in Election management and administration (2013)

MoU on cooperation in MSME sector (2013)

MoU on cooperation in communication and broadcasting between Mauritius broadcasting corporation and Prasar Bharti (2014)

MoU on cooperation in Ocean Economy (2015)

MoU in the field of traditional system of medicine (2015)

In addition Cultural Exchange program have been regularly conclude since 1971.

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