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Justice CS Karnan Sentenced 6 Months Jail By Supreme Court

By Admin | 9th May 2017

The Supreme Court on Tuesday 9th may 2017 sentenced Calcutta High Court judge Justice Karnan to 6 months in detention  for contempt of court and said its demand should be executed with no delay.

The bench of Supreme court on 8 Feb 2017 had started suo mo tu contempt procedures against Justice Karnan and controlled him from performing legal and authoritative work. This Contempt procedure was result of various Madras High court judges writing letters to supreme court stating difficulties faced by them on day to day proceedings on working alongside of Justice CS Karnan.

On January 23, 2017, Justice Karnan had distributed an open letter to the Prime Minister Modi with listing of 20 sitting and resigned Supreme Court and High Court judges, blaming them for corruption

On 31st march 2017, Justice Karnan appeared in front of  the bench of judges  hearing contempt case  becoming to be the first judge to do so in history of Indian Judicial system.

On May 4 justice Karnan refused for mental checkup as ordered by Supreme Court stating he is absolutely normal and “stable mind”.

On Monday 8th may 2017, in an hurrying of his showdown with the Supreme Court, Justice Karnan granted “sentence" reportedly stated in his judgment that eight judges have mutually committed the offenses culpable under the SC/ST Atrocities Act of 1989 and altered Act of 2015.

In 2008 Justice AK Ganguly headed a three-judges board , known as a collegiums (judges appoint judges), which prescribed Karnan's name to the Chief Justice of India for arrangement as a high court judge.

He was in news headlines since November 2011 when his protest to the National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC), asserting that he was being bothered and exploited by other judges since he was a Dalit. In his grievance, he claimed that there was an endeavor to decrease his part to one of oppression.

NCSC Chairman P.L. Punia sent the protestation to then Chief Justice of India Justice S.H. Kapadia as the last power to decide the fate is in the hands of Judiciary.

In 2013 Justice Karnan passed a order  that separated from the penal law, the women could guarantee social status as  if the man were 21 and single and the women 18 and single and that the introduce of the pre-conjugal sex was marriage.

Calcutta High Court Justice CS Karnan has guided the Air Control Authority to bar seven Supreme Court judges, including Chief Justice of India JS Kehar who had issued a hatred arrange against him, till the case is arranged off.

Justice Karnan said if the judges are allowed to travel abroad then there is a likelihood chances of the "virus of caste discrimination spreading".

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