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India Not Attending OBOR in Beijing this weekend

By Admin | 12th May 2017

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kept himself away from attending Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on May 14 and 15 in Beijing this weekend is supposedly seen as a silent protest of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which passes through Gilgit, Gilgit is located in Pakistan occupied Kashmir since 1947.  In 2015 China announced economic corridor from Kashgar in the Chinese area of Xinjiang till Gwadar in Pakistan. Reportedly this Chinese Investment is the biggest Pakistan has ever received form the world since 2002.

CPEC venture with Pakistan would enable China to transport energy resources, for example, oil from Middle Eastern nations to China by means of a land through Gwadar in Pakistan.

All Indian neighboring countries except Bhutan have already joined One Belt and One Road and Presidents or Prime ministers of these nations are attending Belt and Road Forum this weekend. India won't have the capacity to stop China in carrying on this unilateral ideational nor would it be able to prevent its neighbors from joining this initiative. So whether India attends Belt and Road Forum or not, the venture will happen and not joining may damage India's interests in south East Asia.

In 1959 China initiated NH35 Karakoram Highway connecting China to Pakistan crossing Gilgit , CPEC is crossing through the same path , India has lodged various protests since then explaining Gilgit as conflict zone between India and Pakistan. Containing various conflicts over Roads crossing Pak occupied Kashmir and China constant claims of north east India. India and Chinas trade climbed to roughly 20 times high in trade.

China will host the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on May 14 and 15. According to explanatory document issued by Belt and Road Forum China on 10th may, The Belt and Road Initiative is a China-proposed trade and infrastructure arranges associating Asia with Europe and Africa. China describes this Initiative as significant global open trade profiting all nations.


In 2013, Chinese president Xi Jinping proposed this economic corridor that would associate China's Silk Road Economic Belt extend in Central Asia with its Maritime Silk Road through associated waterways from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean. Generally, these exchange systems concentrate on expanding China's association with nations along the authentic Silk Road in Eurasia, while making another Silk Road through Asia to South Asia and Africa.

One part called Silk Road Economic Belt of this venture is fixated on the production of Road association among-st China and Eurasia, including infrastructures for example, expressways and rail lines. The other piece of the venture is Maritime Silk Route which concerns oceanic courses that will associate China with South East Asia, South Asia and ports all over the east bank of Africa. These 40 billion US Dollor project are funded by China.

China is USD 10 trillion economy compared to USD 2 trillion of India. Indian ambition is to redefine Asia into “digital Asia”, will India stay out of One Belt One Road brings it to fringe local power?  Whereas History has proved India and China being the two power controls of Asia since ages, On other hand if  India sheds its hindrances and participate effectively in OBOR execution, it stands to pick up considerably in trade. 

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