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Aaykar Setu Mobile App Launched by CBDT to file Income Tax Returns

By Admin | 22nd Jul 2017

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has as of late propelled a Mobile app 'Aaykar Setu'. The application causes you to record pay taxes (ITR) on the web, find the closest Tax Return Preparer (TRP), gives adding machines and different devices, encourages you to deal with your PAN and TDS, computer and gives you a chance to pay the charge, assuming any.

The android application (measured 3.75MB) can be downloaded from the play store or from a connection got on giving missed call at 7306525252. Once downloaded, it doesn't request one's PAN, login points of interest and so forth.

Much of the time, tapping on the application catches will take you to the preview of the data as accessible on the wage impose site. The application, in this manner, is to a greater extent a helping manual for zero-in to one's expense concern when far from a desktop or the portable PC. Appropriately titled, "setu" which in Hindi means to connect.

In the event that somebody needs to record the ITR through the application. It is impractical completely through the application as it will just give the means to embrace, once the individual is on the division's site. The real procedure of recording ITR on the salary charge division's site begins with downloading the product which as of now is conceivable just on the desktop or portable workstation.

Suppose somebody has just recorded the arrival and has to know the discount status. The application tells you the procedure, however, to know the status one needs to sign on to the site. So also, to view TDS points of interest or Form 16 or for paying duty, it takes you to the separate sites.

On the off chance that somebody needs to connect PAN with Aadhaar, the application might be utilized to interface them. It takes you to the wage charge site to give you a chance to include the detail to interface them. One may even apply for amendments in PAN, be that as it may, the procedure should be smoothened out further.

In the event that you require help in the documenting of ITR, you may call one of the Tax Return Preparers (TRPs) to your place. The TRP's are approved assessment experts by the legislature to enable little and medium citizens in the planning of their arrival of wage and other pay to charge related issues. One can scan for TRP around their area and get their contact points of interest from the application itself.

In spite of the fact that, it is a decent start to convey the citizen nearer to the salary charge offices standards and procedures, it is normal that this application would offer a great deal more in the days to come. From the recording of ITR to installment of duty through net keeping money and notwithstanding following of assessment notification and discounts, the application needs to give every one of them inside itself.

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